Golf is hard and requires a lot of practice.  

Terfy lets you practice everyday in the convenience of your backyard or local park.


master "your" swing!

  25 drives in 15 minutes everyday


Coming March 2020

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WHat is Terfy?

Terfy is an extremely durable, portable, clutter-free, protective grid mat.  It is designed to deflect the driver head up and out of the turf on fat drives.  No more divots on the teeing grounds, in the park or in your backyard.  There is a painted swing pattern on top to help indicate the path of the swing.  Following that swing pattern automatically forces you to change your footing and swing, dramatically improving your drive.    

Terfy is a worry free product.  You can leave it out all day, all week or all season and it will never kill the grass underneath because its unique design allows that grass to evapotranspirate (breathe) and still get all the sunlight and water it needs.

Even though Terfy is very tough, it will not damage your clubs or injure the golfer.  In fact, because the energy is deflected out of the ground it actually limits the potential for damage and injury!  


 it's simple to use!

 easy as 1,2,3

1 - Drop It

Drop Terfy between the markers (spikes down) with one "Tee Zone" pointing to the hole and press it into the turf so it is as deep as it can go.

2 - Tee It

Place your tee into the "Tee    Zone" closest to the hole.  Put your ball on the tee.  

3 - Drive It

Have a drive.  That's it!



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