Terfy helps golf course owners and superintendents who spend a lot of time and money repairing damage on their teeing grounds.  New and occasional golfers are responsible for much of the damage because of fat drives.  We developed Terfy to stop that damage from occurring in the first place, saving you time and money!  


Terfy also helps convert new and infrequent golfers into regular golfers.  You know the ones: that only go to corporate events, get dragged out by their buddies or try it for the first time.  They don't come back because they had a terrible round of golf.  They are beat up physically and emotionally.  Golf is a tough sport and people don't like being bad at things.  Terfy helps reduces the jarring physical impacts of bad drives and the swing pattern can help them produce better drives.  They will have more fun and maybe want to do it again!      



How is terfy integrated into the course? 

Golf Courses make Terfy available for golfers to use, free of charge.  They can do it in several ways:

  • provide them to new golfers (or to all golfers in soggy conditions) as they check-in at tee time

  • leave a Terfy at each teeing ground for golfers to use as they wish (especially with group events)

  • allow instructors to use them with students

Big Savings

  • average annual labour savings of $4,656 with a return on investment of 719%


better tees

  • stronger, healthier, better looking tee boxes


Happier golfers

  •  new golfers get less fatigued by not hitting the ground at full swing & get added help from the swing pattern printed on top