Be an independent terfy distributor 

Terfy is a perfect product for a golf instructors to resell.  It is high profit for you, yet  an inexpensive instructional device for your clients that really helps them improve their drives by being able to practice more often at home or in the park.


Why be a Distributor?  

  1. High Profitability  -  50% Profit margin, buy each for $20 and resell it for $30! (with a minimum purchase of just 12 units at a time)

  2. Easy to sell  -  leverage your existing customer base and every new person you talk to about golf is a potential sale 

  3. Easy to start  -  Be a distributor in 5 minutes:  send an email requesting a distribution agreement, read it, sign it, return it  and place your order.  Now you're in business! 


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